We make the proven analysis tools of top-tier strategy and corporate finance experts accessible, understandable, and affordable to much smaller businesses.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs succeed

Gareth Ochse is a former Bain & Co consultant and has over 20 years advisory experience, including strategy work for major international banks, airlines and consultancies, and corporate finance advisory work including valuations on deals ranging from $50K to $1Bn. In ValuationUp, Gareth tries to provide tools to business advisors that enable them to rapidly understand the key issues facing a clients business and demonstrate the potential upside from investing in the advisors' services. This allows advisors to sell on a value basis, rather than charge per hour and makes advisory work easier to sell while offering provable guidance/value to clients. 
Kenneth Kalmer is a top Software engineer and who gets things done. He leads our team of developers and is responsible for the overall direction and quality of our code. Ironically, he stopped studying accounts half-way through high school - something that has helped us immensely in making sure our tools are as easy to use and as pragmatic as possible.
David Milligan is an investor in ValuationUp and sits on our board. David previously worked for Monitor Group, as well for First National Bank (FNB), which was voted the world's most innovative bank in 2012. While at FNB, David ran innovation business units and a new ventures incubator, and successfully launched online accounting services to the bank's business customers, an industry first. David sees the ValuationUp tool as combining his strategy and business banking experience in a new way that will help users of the system to unlock tremendous opportunity by growing the valuation of their businesses. David is currently CEO of www.Matchi.biz - a marketplace for fintech innovators and fintech companies. 

Why the rocket ship logo?

Not long ago, space exploration was the realm of major governments only. However in the last few years, private entrepreneurs have flown into space as tourists aboard existing government craft, and more recently they have built their own infrastructure to take people and/or cargo into orbit. Two such entrepreneurs who are widely known are Richard Branson and Elon Musk. Both started their own businesses from scratch, and both literally own rocket ships..in fact, they own entire rocket companies! 

We cannot think of a better way to demonstrate entrepreneurial potential, to show what is financially possible, or even just to honour these men than to encourage you to "reach for the stars"..hence our logo.

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